Essential Oils

Build a strong foundation for mind and body wellness through essential oil products.

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Empowerment through Connection

Understand how connected, trust-based strategies can transform your family.

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Education and Homeschooling in Community

Gain wisdom and insight about homeschooling in community.

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Selfie Summer

With the school year officially underway, summer is officially over for our fam. Our first community day was a smashing success. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a group of parents use their various gifts (or stretch to learn new ones) for the mission of seeing our kids learn, explore, and connect. Watching a group […]

2016 routine

2016-2017 Homeschool Plans

I feel like our summer flew! And our homeschool-length summer–which starts in May and ends in September–is longer than most. Last year, we beta-tested a new classical homeschool community. While we were only 3 families, it was a really sweet year with a fabulous dynamic–kids and mamas alike. This year, we dreamed to expand in […]

City meets county #2

City meets County | Lesson #2

We had a youth (we’ll call him Jay), who aged out of an inner city foster care system, live with us for the better part of the last year. When we started this journey (even after taking in three older children through adoption), we didn’t even know what we didn’t know. Because this also happened […]

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