{Favorite Things} more food, a book, and discounted gas

Okay, quick survey…who felt extra crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday during that blue, supermoon, eclipse situation? I had a friend tell me that it is all a crock, but I really need a good excuse for how bad of a parent I was during those two days. So this Friday’s favorites: Baking Bacon We (I […]

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Podcast | #19 If You Only Knew Stories

I’m thrilled to welcome two fellow members of the launch team for Jamie Ivey’s new book, If You Only Knew. They responded to a crazy invitation I offered to tell their “if you only knew” stories. I know what they share will connect in the deepest places of our hearts and souls where light was meant […]

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Handling Defiance in Children

I hear from a lot of parents that they’re beyond frustrated at daily defiance. It might be tying shoes, personal hygiene, homework, or some other chore. I don’t know about you, but if I assume my child is willfully disobeying me, I head to my downstairs brain where emotions…not logic…rule and I want to retaliate […]

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