On The Alert

The hardest part of this waiting game is the ups and downs, the starts and stops.  At first, we were told Ty could be home as early as December…then February…the we were sure over spring break…now it’s mid-April and there’s still no guarantees.  The last year would have looked a lot different if we had […]

Foto Friday

Foto Friday will hopefully be a regular occurence.  Just a post of a couple pictures from the week.  It’s an excuse to get behind the camera more…therapeutic for me.   The full set of pictures can be found on the Photos page. Snow in April  It’s snowy out and we’re starting seedlings…seems weird.   White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies are […]


Sweet… I had the privilege of meeting two of Maryland’s newest arrivals this week. What a sweet time of celebrating life. There’s such a sense of wonder when holding a newborn…maybe because the stage is so short-lived. Bitter… Today I found out that one of my friends lost her daughter during (or shortly after) birth […]

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