Mia Dancerina

I told you there would be dance videos in the future… Since all Mia does is dance and twirl around our house, I couldn’t resist signing her up for a dance class this year.  I admit I’m a bit biased towards dancing to begin with, but if you know Mia, you know dancing is in […]

Stellan's Name Gallery

We made Stellan’s Name Gallery!  We’re about 20 pictures down.  The picture was taken in an ancient palace (Deoksugung Palace) near Seoul’s City Hall. I apologize Stellan’s name isn’t easier to read but I didn’t have any markers in our hotel room.

…take a bow cow…

I wasn’t joking when I said Koreans bow for everything and they start early.  Ty first bowed to us at the Holt office in Seoul as he was leaving our first meeting together.  It took a couple weeks at home for him to be comfortable enough to do it here but now he does it all […]

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