For everyone we’ve talked to about waiting who has been so outraged at the system, we thank you. Your support and empathy has meant a lot. However, I feel an incredible peace about our wait though. Not to say that I don’t emerging moments of anger, panic, and frustration. I just feel that God has […]

the last mass email

Hello all! First, let me thank you all for your prayers and support. We raised over $10,000. God has provided the rest between our federal adoption tax credit and 2008’s return. We’ve also been encouraged by all the inquires to when Ty will actually come home! Our immigrant petition is moving through the National Visa […]

Wait Well

Wait well. I’ve been reading a devotional that Shaohannah’s Hope sends to prospective grant recipients. It’s been inspirational and challenging to read other view and journeys of adoption. The last section had advice from families who have been there. A running theme was to not waste your waiting time. Mmmm…interesting concept. With 2 young kids, […]

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