Sleepless in B'more

We chalked up the 3 hour screaming episode Sunday night to jet lag.  Last night we decided it was just a bad habit.  I wish I had figured out before 4:30 this morning that I had to be laying, not just in the room, but on the floor right next to the crib.  Live and […]

We're back

Yup, I’m posting in the same time zone as you now.  Our flight arrived in record time (over 1 hour early).  I guess that makes up for the delay when we left.  Ty adjusted better to our house than to our hotel room.  I can tell I’ll spend the next week training him on what […]

Homeward Bound

Our van leaves for Incheon International in T minus 6.5 hours.  YIKES! How did it get that late?  Oh yea, Ty screamed for an hour and half before falling asleep.  Go figure.  Maybe he senses a change again.  Poor guy.  I can’t even imagine. I should be either in the shower or bed. So off […]

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