The Best Stinky Laundry Solution

Imagine this scenario with me. Husband (who sweats profusely when doing any physical activity) goes to hot yoga during lunch break. Husband puts clothes from hot yoga into backpack. Husband empties clothes from hot yoga into laundry hamper the next time he packs to go. He doesn’t go every day. EWWW! So your laundry might […]

Podcast | #06 LaShelle Bray

My guest this week is LaShelle Bray who brings her story of being a bi-racial couple and how recent events have affected her children. It’s an honest, articulate conversation with a call to action that you don’t want to miss. During the conversation, LaShelle also mentions that she’s been blogging. You can read that post […]

responding to racism in schools

Responding to Racism in Schools

Last week in a neighboring high school district in our county, students were disciplined for staging a photo where their spirit week Scrabble letters spelled out, “N****r.” [1] Obviously, this incident is restarting a conversation about racism in schools. According to a petition [2], the students were only suspended for 9 days. The outrage […]

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