Transracial Adoption and Charlottesville

Of the 14 people that have lived in our house over the last decade, only 3 are White. The rest are Black or Asian or some combination. I’ve experienced forms of racism and discrimination for as long as I can remember, and I’m Asian living near a fairly diverse metropolitan area. I know that the […]

paleo sourdough sandwich bread

Paleo Sourdough Sandwich Bread

When I tell folks about eating Paleo, I usually say, “Focus on what you CAN eat rather on finding substitutes for what you can’t.” But sometimes you just need a solid bread substitute. In the past, we’ve found that Paleo breads were either too dense or were more like dessert breads rather than sandwich breads. […]

a decision flowchart for parents

A Decision Flowchart for Parents

One of the things connected parenting has helped me realize is that my fears and anxieties are really my own worst enemies. They cause me to react rather than respond and die on parenting hills probably not worth dying over. There’s nothing like an extreme child or children to help you put life in perspective. We […]

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