boys play homeschool

{2017} A Day in the Life

It’s been a while since I’ve chronicled a day in our homeschool and mompreneur life. In the absence of any real scrapbooking (does anyone do that anymore?), this is as good as it gets. I guess I should also note, that this is what a day looks like if we don’t have Bridges or therapy […]

Podcast | #08 Erica Rimlinger

I initially recruited Erica as a guest because of her battle with breast cancer that also birthed one of the most fascinating novels I’ve read. It’s specifically notable because it’s based on one of the most ridiculous real-life stories I’ve ever heard. They say the truth is stranger than fiction! But our conversation also touches […]

Podcast | #07 Tricia Anderson

This week, I’m excited about welcoming my BFF, Tricia Anderson, to the show. As you’ll hear, we’re kinda the same person…and kinda not. We’re a rare example of besties who are on opposite side of pretty much every ideological spectrum we can think of. She’ll be coming back every so often to offer her perspective […]

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