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Reframing Advent

Nothing says I’m waiting for the arrival of a Savior like: Overspending on more stuff we don’t need. Lying to our kids about where all the stuff came from. (We don’t do this, but I hear there are some families who do.) Forcing our kids to sit on a stranger’s lap and even smile about […]

Podcast | #14 Tricia on Education and Mommy Slacker-ness

Tricia is back! Join the late night nonsense as we talk about homeschool versus public school and the reason our friendship might end. Plus you’ll hear all about what we’re NOT accomplishing in life right now and a life hack that you might just be able to pull off before Christmas. I’d love for you […]

Podcast | #13 Monica Reynolds on Adoption and Marriage

This week Monica and I chat about the things that blindsided us when we adopted, the hardest thing our marriages have survived, and how her local school system is failing her daughter right now. Connect with Monica on her blog, Instagram, or check out her new podcast–Collared Chicks. If you want to check out that […]

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