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7 Reasons to DIY with Essential Oils

DIY is a pretty hot topic these days with search engines returning over 27 million results. I don’t really have the mental space or time resources right now to make a new headboard or upcycle our Foosball table, but I do have a couple quick minutes here and there to throw together a sugar scrub […]

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DIY Sunscreen

One could go crazy bouncing between the sunscreen-all-year-round-anytime-you-go-out-of-doors camp and the we-need-more-vitamin-D-in-our-lives-and-sunscreen-is-in-the-way camp. I haven’t really given much thought to it because I’m really not together enough to sunscreen my kids religiously–or even semi-regularly. I do know, however, that when I decide we need sunscreen I want one with minimal to no toxins. The last […]