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The problem with using essential oils for challenging kids

When I first heard of using essential oils for mood and emotions management for kids from hard places, I set out to try as many oils on my kids as possible. I was looking for that magic fix. Quite frankly, I didn’t care if they were on board. When you’re desperate, you’ll beg, negotiate, plead, and […]

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Handling Defiance in Children

I hear from a lot of parents that they’re beyond frustrated at daily defiance. It might be tying shoes, personal hygiene, homework, or some other chore. I don’t know about you, but if I assume my child is willfully disobeying me, I head to my downstairs brain where emotions…not logic…rule and I want to retaliate […]

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Podcast | #18 Summer Kugel of AbleFinder

Imagine a world where people with disabilities and their caretakers could find instant community and break that feeling of isolation. That’s that Summer, the founder of AbleFinder, has set out to do. She also has some other brilliant ideas to make the process of getting services easier. You’ll love how her story has drive her […]