responding to racism in schools

Responding to Racism in Schools

Last week in a neighboring high school district in our county, students were disciplined for staging a photo where their spirit week Scrabble letters spelled out, “N****r.” [1] Obviously, this incident is restarting a conversation about racism in schools. According to a petition [2], the students were only suspended for 9 days. The outrage […]

a decision flowchart for parents

A Decision Flowchart for Parents

One of the things connected parenting has helped me realize is that my fears and anxieties are really my own worst enemies. They cause me to react rather than respond and die on parenting hills probably not worth dying over. There’s nothing like an extreme child or children to help you put life in perspective. We […]

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How to wake up a teenager

Notice: Undefined index: text_selected_editor in /homepages/35/d93607303/htdocs/corkboard/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/widgets/editor/editor.php on line 84 What I Envisioned He would get up by 10AM because that’s the rule we all agreed upon. #sillyme What really happened He would “forget” to set an alarm or set it on the iPAD and then leave it somewhere around the house where it would annoy […]

How brain imaging changed our lives

If you haven’t read this post, start there. So, we’re using brain imaging, now what? I think the most important impact brain imaging has had for us is mindset and expectations. When we were analyzing symptom sets before brain imaging, we were doing our best to conclude why things were happening, but his inconsistent symptoms […]