brain imaging

How brain imaging changed our lives

If you haven’t read this post, start there. So, we’re using brain imaging, now what? I think the most important impact brain imaging has had for us is mindset and expectations. When we were analyzing symptom sets before brain imaging, we were doing our best to conclude why things were happening, but his inconsistent symptoms […]


The Secret to Solving Behavior Problems

I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to mental health diagnoses. Diagnosing by symptom cluster seems so inaccurate. Even more alarming is that those symptom clusters are often self-assessed…by a person with a mental health struggle. <scratching head> Does anyone else see the irony in diagnosing a person based on self-assessment who is a […]

be a lighthouse

Be a Lighthouse

At the risk of sounding repetitive (see #6), listen to or read (depending on your learning style) the song that is my new parenting anthem. MY LIGHTHOUSE by Rend Collective In my wrestling and in my doubts In my failures You won’t walk out Your great love will lead me through You are the peace […]


Parenting Hacks for Teen Boys

While we’ve been parenting teens for a few years now, we are entering the throws of adolescence with our first child “from scratch.” You know, the first one who we’ve had from conception to now and have had to take full responsibility for how our parenting either prepared him or failed him. I am super […]