boys play homeschool

{2017} A Day in the Life

It’s been a while since I’ve chronicled a day in our homeschool and mompreneur life. In the absence of any real scrapbooking (does anyone do that anymore?), this is as good as it gets. I guess I should also note, that this is what a day looks like if we don’t have Bridges or therapy […]

responding to racism in schools

Responding to Racism in Schools

Last week in a neighboring high school district in our county, students were disciplined for staging a photo where their spirit week Scrabble letters spelled out, “N****r.” [1] Obviously, this incident is restarting a conversation about racism in schools. According to a petition [2], the students were only suspended for 9 days. The outrage […]

Transracial Adoption and Charlottesville

Of the 14 people that have lived in our house over the last decade, only 3 are White. The rest are Black or Asian or some combination. I’ve experienced forms of racism and discrimination for as long as I can remember, and I’m Asian living near a fairly diverse metropolitan area. I know that the […]