Podcast | #14 Tricia on Education and Mommy Slacker-ness

Tricia is back! Join the late night nonsense as we talk about homeschool versus public school and the reason our friendship might end. Plus you’ll hear all about what we’re NOT accomplishing in life right now and a life hack that you might just be able to pull off before Christmas. I’d love for you […]

responding to racism in schools

Responding to Racism in Schools

Last week in a neighboring high school district in our county, students were disciplined for staging a photo where their spirit week Scrabble letters spelled out, “N****r.” [1] Obviously, this incident is restarting a conversation about racism in schools. According to a Change.org petition [2], the students were only suspended for 9 days. The outrage […]

More Tips for Homeschooling a Student with FASD

If you didn’t read the first post about our current curriculum choices, read this post first. Also, it might be relevant to note that while I had our son who is fetal alcohol affected in mind while writing, these tips are also useful for students with other developmental disabilities and special needs. Go for exposure […]

Homeschooling and FASD

Among other things (like the launch of the new unCorked podcast), September is apparently the month to increase awareness about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other related diagnoses. It’s also the month that we start back to a more intentional homeschooling schedule. While these things may seem unrelated, they have significant overlap in our lives since […]