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Posted By Melissa on August 4, 2009

I always hated the “stay at home mom (SAHM)” tag.  I do not work outside of the home, but “stays at home ” would not be found on a list of phrases that describe me.  If you know me at all, you know I like to do-do-do and go-go-go.  Lately I’ve been calling myself a mom with kids-in-tow (always in tow).  They go with me everywhere (except when they can’t).  They go to coffee dates, shopping trips, volunteer activities, workouts/training, meetings and field trips (and sometimes work and doctor appointments).  I take them places they enjoy too–playgrounds, beaches, zoos, playdates, museums, libraries, and more playgrounds.  Besides being high energy, I also am an information hog.  So we learn together–canning, crafts, cooking, baking, gardening, experimenting, sewing, photographing (is that word?).

Sounds stressful?  It is.  The more kids I have, the more dramatic life gets.  The highs are higher and the lows are lower.  I am also grouchier than I ever remember being. 

This is getting rambly (another made up word, I think)…but stay with me.

Here’s what one mom said on a recent Focus on the Family broadcast…

“I worked on a Friday and had my baby on a Monday.  And I likened the experience to jumping off a train going 90 mph and hoping you don’t get hurt too bad. 
… I was catapulted into culture shock. 
…I tried to fit in to other moms’ groups that do wonderful things to try to connect women.  I felt like I was at a Betty Crocker convention and not able to fit in with them.
…I felt like a fish out of water.”  –Julie, now a SAHM mom with kids in tow.

I can totally relate and I stopped working in December and had PJ in April.  And even know it doesn’t really matter, I still cringe when people ask “So, do you stay at home with the kids?”  I usually stumble over a “Yes, but…” answer.

Oops, I’m getting a little carried away.  This post was supposed to encourage you. 

Dr. Laura just came out with a new book, In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms.  I’ll forgive her for the use of SAHM since she has such good things to say to moms such as…

“You are the soul of the famliy.  You are the emotion, the soul.  You are the glue.  You are the atmosphere of the home.  You are what gives everybody under that roof hope and beauty.  How can that be a bad thing?” –Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Feel encouraged yet?  I’m thinking about framing it and hanging it on my living room wall every wall in my house.  Just kidding…kind of.

Can I also get on my soapbox and say that we (moms) feel way too much peer pressure?  Peer pressure’s for high schoolers you say?  Nonsense.  Sometimes I think it’s worse for moms than for teenagers…I said, sometimes.

Anyway, I believe with all my heart what Dr. Laura said. You can be the heart and soul to your home even if it’s not clean. (You might notice that cleaning never appeared on any list at the top of my post.)  You can be the glue even if you’re not crafty (no pun intended).  You can give hope and beauty without being Martha Stewart (or even Rachel Ray).  You can be the soul even if you hate creative play (and I do).  You with your kids is the important thing.  Just keep leaving your kids in God’s hands and be His hands and feet to your kids.

Enjoy hopping to other blogs for more encouraging words…

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