{Recipe} Essential Herbal Chai

Even though we owned a craft coffee shop for over a year, I can list “barista” as a skillset on a resume, and I know more about coffee than most people, I actually don’t drink it. I can actually tolerate the taste of really good, craft coffee, but the bigger issue is the caffeine. I can’t even drink caffeinated tea. We’re talking dizziness, heart pounding, head fog…I know, so sad. However, I drink enough tisanes (proper term for herbal “tea”) to float a boat.

I  LOVE chai. Unfortunately, most chai is black tea based.

I recently came up with a recipe for herbal chai that makes me happy so I though I’d share it with you.


Jonas 2016

When did they start naming blizzards?!? Remember when it was just The Blizzard of 2003? Regardless, Jonas was a doozy. He broke multiple snow fall records. It’s a week later and the plows have given way to front loaders and Bobcats in an effort to the get the roads and driving surfaces back to some semblance of “normal.” While we were blessed to get undug by Sunday afternoon, some folks were just plowed yesterday. There are still plenty of roads around that do not have all their lanes back, and schools have been closed ALL. WEEK. LONG.

20160123 edit snow day_10